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About nozo media

  Meet Bobby Thomas, the founder of Nozo Media.  He has more than 20 years of video production experience.  His accomplishments include winning multiple awards for excellence, such as:  Emmy’s, Telly’s, Pixie’s, DV’s, Edward R. Murrow….and the most prestigious…Peabody Award.  

  Bobby, and his wife Christina, started their business, Nozo Media, in 2013.  After 15 years of successful work with a partnership production company, his experience could easily be incorporated into their new business venture.  Nozo Media focuses on quality and service, while keeping a budget in perspective.  Good organization and productivity will keep costs low, which will allow them to put more money into the big picture, and less on behind the scenes expenses.

   Bobby has an interesting history with video production work.  He moved to Jacksonville FL in the mid 90’s, and worked for a small company, and edited for the TV show, Designers Landscape.  Bobby was recruited shortly thereafter by CBS (WJXT channel 4), where he covered stories for CBS News Path, 60 Minutes, and the nightly news with Dan Rather.  (Noteworthy assignments include:  The John Kennedy Jr. wedding, Maddie Clifton Murder and Trial, Hurricanes, Hanging Chads, and the Republican Convention.)  Just before leaving WJXT in ’99, Bobby co-produced the documentary, Behind Closed Doors.  This was one of two local productions across the U.S. to win a Peabody Award.  (Other winners that year included:   The Sopranos, The West Wing, Katie Couric, and Dan Rather.) Bobby has continued to spend his time on production work, which often includes lectures and award ceremonies.

   The family dog, a wiemaraner named DiNozzo, was the inspiration for Nozo Media’s name.  Bobby likes to spend time with his wife, Christina, who helps with field production in her spare time.  Christina has a full time career in the Fashion Industry.  Together they make a successful team for Nozo Media.